refashioning tutorial: men’s shirt into skirt

I was at Salvation Army today looking for things to refashion, and so I dug around the men’s shirts and found one with a nice gray and purple plaid print, perfect for a skirt. So, I thought I’d try my hands at a tutorial.

I’ve seen this done a few times, but I wanted to add some homemade pockets to the skirt.

What you need:

Men’s shirt (preferably a larger size). This is what I picked out:

– Measuring tape

– Scissors

– Matching Thread

– Pins

– Marking Pen

– Contrast Fabric (I used a light gray cotton)

Step 1: Remove sleeves/Excess Fabric

*Cut off both sleeves along the seamĀ  as shown.

*Remove pocket.

*Now, cut from armpit to armpit (as shown).

Step 2: Pockets

*I apologize for not having the pocket pattern up at the moment*

* Cut 4 pockets from contrast fabric.

* Cut down the side seams 8.5″ as shown

*Pin pockets to right side of fabric 1.5″ from the top and pin in place (as shown).

*Sew along edges where you pinned.

*Now, turn the garment inside out and line up the pockets. Pin together at edges.

*Sew down the opening, pivot and then continue sewing around the edges of the pocket and down the bottom opening. Repeat for other side. Voila! Pockets!

Step 3: The Waistband

*You can make the waistband by cutting one of the sleeves in half. This is a button up front skirt, so I cheated a little and instead of sewing on a button and making a new button hole, I recycled the ones from the cuff!

*Cut as shown:

*Now is the time to even the ends to make them straight.

*Measure around your waist to figure out the waistband length. Or, button the cuff and then wrap the ends around your waist, marking out the size that way. Cut off excess fabric and sew. Press open seams. Now you’ve got a waistband!

Step 3: Finishing up

*Gather or pleat the top edges of the skirt (Gathering is the better option). Match the waistband’s button holes to the skirt’s. Sew.

*You may want to add a snap to the top of the waistband if there is extra room.

And now you’re done!

Enjoy your new skirt!


fabric purchases!

After about a half hour of wandering around confusedly, I found Karlin’s Fabrics over on 8th Street in Philadelphia today. What a cute little store!!! I kind of feel like it’s in another time or something. A lot of the fabric looked vintage (I sat for a long time in the wool section debating on buying some adorable 60’s plaid for a coat) and they had a great selection of remnant fabrics. I went in specifically to buy the fabric for that tiered dress project that I can’t shut up about. I could not find teal fabric anywhere. There was cotton, but that just wouldn’t do. So, after about an hour of setting up camp and holding things up to the light, I decided on a champagne colored sating and a black chiffon.

This combination could go several ways…It could look like some kind of 50s cocktail dress (what I’m hoping for) or a bad bridesmaid dress. Luckily, I think the colors look very luxe together, so it probably won’t be very bad.

And, for the initial muslin, I wanted to use something fun, so I picked up a greyish seersucker with white polka dots and a gray contrast cotton. I should have picked something similar to the satin, to see how they behave, but one look at that seersucker and I was sold indefinitely.

Pictures to follow.

i cannot wait for spring

Why? Well, for one I plan to visit Fabric Row here in Philadelphia! I would really love to find fabric for that turquoise tiered dress I’ve been dying to make. And I’d much rather go to a place where someone actually can help you find what your looking for and give advice, rather than some chain fabric store where they are highly grumpy and have no idea what you’re talking about. “Jersey knit, what’s that???” FAIL!

I especially want to go to Kincus…I hear such great things about it.

Kincus Fabrics

(215) 923-8836

754 S 4TH St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
I’ve compiled a list of the shops I want to visit. Now…the waiting begins. There’s no way I’m going into the city with all the snow and ice everywhere. No thanks!

one day skirt project

A friend wants to make this adorable skirt (and now I kind of do to just for funzies).

I drafted up a quick tutorial that I thought you guys might enjoy too:

You will need: Measuring tape, A couple yards of fabric, invisible zipper, matching thread, & a hand needle.

five things you should do this week

I love reading other people’s blogs because I get so inspired to do fun things, be it creative, or adventurous. So, I want to inspire you to make your week as fun as possible with this list! Hope it motivates you!

Number 1: Explore inspiring blogs!

The House of Mirth has become my favorite blog to stalk these days. Lily’s amazing sewing projects really make me want to run to my sewing room as fast as I can. Her creations are adorable and you’ll be wishing you could be wearing them yourself!

Bonjour Girl is full of fashion and incredible music choices (I’ve discovered a couple bands I’ve never even heard of) plus Hazel’s writing style sounds like your funny best friend from high school and leaves you saying “I wish I said it first!”.

The Thinking Tank is like stumbling into a magical forest of elves and unicorns. The level of awesome is overwhelming, and you just can’t stop looking at all of the beautiful imagery. Pia’s style is so put together and soon you’ll be gathering a devout love for interior design and adding all of those beautiful films to your Netflix queue.

Number 2: Visit a local museum!

I find museums utterly fascinating. There are many around Philadelphia that I haven’t even touched yet, and am dying to explore. These are a couple that I’d love to see:


The Mutter Museum of medical oddities is possibly the coolest museum idea ever. First of all, I am insanely fascinated by disgusting and morbid medical things. Therefore, I HAVE to see the mummy, the spliced body parts, embalmed and deformed fetus, two headed baby creature, display of freakish tumors and pretty much everything else they offer for my amusement. Man, I love gross stuff! This museum makes me think of those crazy freak shows from Victorian times. And the movie Freaks. Which was awesome.

And seriously…how could I ever miss out on the gross eye infection display. YESSSSSSSSSSS!

And almost as good, but not quite better, would be something I’ve been dying to see for years: The Museum of Bad Art. I know it’s not in Philadelphia (I think it’s near Boston), but it’s probably the second best museum idea ever. It’s kitsch to the extreme and I want to see all of this awesome “bad art” up close SO BAD!!!! It’s so me. How could I ever pass seeing this amazing portrait of a pug up close in person. Seriously.

Number 3: Plan a trip to a city in the U.S. that you would like to explore

Okay, so you don’t have to money to go there…but plan a trip anyway just for the heck of it!!! And if you really actually want to go here in the future and don’t have the cash, just check out Number 4 to get started.

There’s a couple cities that I would definitely like to explore.

First of all, I have this weird urge to discover Arizona. I’m extremely fascinated by the desert and would love to go hiking/camping out there. Plus, I’d like to check out Phoenix:

Portland, Oregon also seems like a really cool city to visit. I always imagine a very artsy atmosphere with good music and coffee shops. Plus, they’ve got a lot of really amazing scenery out there, also good for hiking/camping!

And Seattle, for obvious reasons.

Number 4: Start a fund jar for something you want

At one of my old jobs, we used to make a fund jar and put a little bit in it each day. And at the end of the week, whoever sold something in the store that nobody thought would ever sell, you won the fund jar. I remember the funds having ridiculous titles written on them by whoever. I actually won the fund jar the most out of anyone working there. I was a very persuasive seller of atrocious goods.

So, let’s take inspiration from that. Get yourself a jar. Or something that can hold cash and coins and put it on your dresser, or near your front door. When you come home, throw your spare change in it, or add a couple dollars you might spend on something stupid, like a latte, or something else you don’t really need. Write down your goal on the jar so you remember why you’re emptying your pockets. Soon enough you might just get what you want!

Number 5: Start reading a really good book

Reading is good for you! Plus there’s nothing like immersing yourself into something you just can’t stop reading. If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you read Douglas Coupland’s Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture. It’s the epitome of hipness.

Hope you guys get inspired! Happy blogging!

etsy finds

I can’t begin to explain how much I want this right now.

Oh, how I love you Etsy.


I just posted a new item on my etsy, check it out:

model: robin

photo by me