refashioning tutorial: men’s shirt into skirt

I was at Salvation Army today looking for things to refashion, and so I dug around the men’s shirts and found one with a nice gray and purple plaid print, perfect for a skirt. So, I thought I’d try my hands at a tutorial.

I’ve seen this done a few times, but I wanted to add some homemade pockets to the skirt.

What you need:

Men’s shirt (preferably a larger size). This is what I picked out:

– Measuring tape

– Scissors

– Matching Thread

– Pins

– Marking Pen

– Contrast Fabric (I used a light gray cotton)

Step 1: Remove sleeves/Excess Fabric

*Cut off both sleeves along the seam  as shown.

*Remove pocket.

*Now, cut from armpit to armpit (as shown).

Step 2: Pockets

*I apologize for not having the pocket pattern up at the moment*

* Cut 4 pockets from contrast fabric.

* Cut down the side seams 8.5″ as shown

*Pin pockets to right side of fabric 1.5″ from the top and pin in place (as shown).

*Sew along edges where you pinned.

*Now, turn the garment inside out and line up the pockets. Pin together at edges.

*Sew down the opening, pivot and then continue sewing around the edges of the pocket and down the bottom opening. Repeat for other side. Voila! Pockets!

Step 3: The Waistband

*You can make the waistband by cutting one of the sleeves in half. This is a button up front skirt, so I cheated a little and instead of sewing on a button and making a new button hole, I recycled the ones from the cuff!

*Cut as shown:

*Now is the time to even the ends to make them straight.

*Measure around your waist to figure out the waistband length. Or, button the cuff and then wrap the ends around your waist, marking out the size that way. Cut off excess fabric and sew. Press open seams. Now you’ve got a waistband!

Step 3: Finishing up

*Gather or pleat the top edges of the skirt (Gathering is the better option). Match the waistband’s button holes to the skirt’s. Sew.

*You may want to add a snap to the top of the waistband if there is extra room.

And now you’re done!

Enjoy your new skirt!


2 responses to “refashioning tutorial: men’s shirt into skirt

  1. Adorable! I must try that!

  2. Wow! Awesome! You going to put some pictures up of it on? Great work.

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